Welcome to MacRat!

Our Goal
is to develop a relationship with each client that enables us to perform at an unparalleled level...To thoroughly understand your goals, needs and objectives-essentially, to become a valued member of your team. We believe this relationship not only enables us to perform at a higher level but to do so while delivering discriminating results with the greatest speed possible.

We Are
a team of experienced, dedicated, highly creative professionals that are up to most any challenge you can present us with. Projects ranging from simple prints, to detailed websites, to comprehensive packaging designs are all areas in which we excel. We’re ready to serve you no matter what your design may be- from a small project needing quick completion to more complex and time consuming projects needing expert contributions from a number of associates- we’re up to the challenge.

We Can Help
by offering our quality services for a fraction of the price it would cost you elsewhere. So whether it be print, packaging, photography, web or computer help, we have done it all... and thanks to clients like you, will continue to do so.


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